Why Cut-out Wedges can be the Next Style Statement?

It has often been debated that wedges aren’t as popular and happening as stilettos, even though these block heels remain in trend time and again. Wedges are high on comfort and great on walking for long, but there are a few reasons why many women would pick a pair of high street heels with the same amount of money. Firstly, wedges don’t tend to accentuate the height or add to the length of the legs, which certainly is not something we want with dresses and skirts. Secondly, many wedges have the same or similar kind of appeal despite the fact that colour choices are as better as other heel counterparts.


Cut-out Wedges

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Back in vogue for spring summer 2014: This is where one thinks of innovation in the old school, and the smart cut-out wedges come in the scene. Cut-out wedges aren’t something that you haven’t seen or tried, but they are often missed out as the front runners in fashion. Thanks to Jill Stuart, cut-out wedges seem to be one of the interesting trends for spring summer 2014. While there is nothing unconventional about the shoes he has designed, but the use of wood in the design and retaining its natural beauty is what catches the eye. You may surely not find the same design, unless you have the money to splurge in the designer’s collection, but this is something worth taking note.

How to wear cut-out designs? Cut-out wedges work in the same way as wedges do for most dresses, but grab all the attention for sure. While the cut-out designs don’t seem to be doing anything with the slimness and height, they do ensure that you don’t just be a part of the crowd. The best way to team these new age wedges is to pair them with skirts and dresses that will tend to add some look to the lower legs.

Honestly, this is not something that you will wear for office, and that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them to cocktail events and formal parties. Apart from the dresses and skirts, cut-out wedges also look cool and smart with skinny denims and trousers, best with the ones that end above the ankle. Your shoes can be in complete contrast or can be a part of the look colour theme, as it calls for the occasion. Make sure that you don’t add too many accessories or other things, because this is something that will keep getting glares, and obviously you don’t want too much of unwanted attention.

Check for the options: Most of the cut-out wedges don’t come cheap, and only a few brands make these kinds of designs. Even the variety and designs are often limited. None of the designs, at least the ones we have found, compromises on comfort but remains high on style. Pick something for the summer and spring because this is something that may soon come off as a new style rather than just being called a new style of wedges.

In terms of materials and colours, the options are varied, and as always we insist, go for the brands that are animal free. Take a pick!

The New Styles of Pumps to Own This Season!

Pumps are every woman’s favorite, and why not? After all, this is one style that keeps repeating on the streets and runways at the same speed in every season. We all know how a pair of pumps should like. With high heels and amazing comfort in the ballet flat style, pumps can be cool, high street and casual at the same time. Check the market, and you will find some great ideas to pick from. Here are a few styles and designs in pumps that you might want to make a part of the closet for a special day ahead in future.

Gladiator pumps

A pair of gladiator pumps: Not many women like the original gladiator style because the look can be quite complicated and not easy to carry off. However, the same gladiator can look entirely different and trendy when in the pumps style. Whether you like red or want to play safe with black, the pump style gladiator can be a good addition to the closet. For wearing the style right, you can pick a short skirt or even the perfect summer pants in white- the choice is yours! Gladiator pumps can reach a little over the ankle, and that looks even chic.

Neon pumps

A pair of neon pumps: Neon shoes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s why probably in spring summer 2014, designers went for a trim of neon. If you are looking for pair of pumps that can snatch the attention and make you the ultimate party queen, make sure that you pick a pair of neon pumps. While the florescent green or orange can be the ultimate choice, you can also look for a pair of pumps with trims of neon or even with neon heels. Quite obvious, this is something for the contrast times, where all the style lies in the shoes.

Laced pumps

A pair of laced pump: If ankle boots can have laces, why not the pumps? In fact, one of the best ideas for dropping the regular pumps is to go for a laced design that works great with dresses and slit skirts. Make sure you pick the right color, which can work in contrasts and match with some outfits at the same time. The laced pumps can be worn for any special event, but certainly, this is not something you would want for work.

Platform pumps

A pair of platform pumps: The idea to have wedges and platform heels with pumps can seem to be overwhelming but not when you do the matching right. Look for the pumps with cutout wedges that have become quite a rage after the spring collections of 2014, or else, go for the extreme high heels with platform style for the toe area. The look can be very feminine and works well for formal and informal wear at the same time. Look for colors like white, pink, blue and red in the subtle forms, and you can wear the pairs you own almost everywhere you go.

Get styled in pumps with a difference! Start shopping!

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How to Buy Tap Dancing Shoes for the Perfect Performance?

If you are an aspiring tap dancer, you have to invest in a pair of tap dancing shoes, which will create those unique and crisp sounds on the floor to wood the audiences. Quite obvious, when a tap dancer dances, there are many people in the audience to keep an eye on the shoes and open their years to the sounds. For getting things right, there’s a need to get the pair of shoes that will aid in the performances. Before anything else, it is worthy to mention that a tap shoe generally has a metal toe coupled with heel plate. Both are incorporated in the shoe itself, and therefore, you don’t see them. It is the plate on the heel along with the plate on the toe that makes those irresistible sounds on the floor.

Tap dance

Image Credit: www.chocotoujours.blogspot.in

Now if you check the market, you will find all kinds of shoes available for tap dancing. The difference in sounds comes much from the material, which is same for most shoes, and the adjustments in the plate. The plates are attached to the leather or sole using screws and you can opt to change the tightness level to create different types of sounds. Back in the past, some of the tap dances liked the amazing sound of clicking, and therefore, they opted for the loose screws, but dancers today opt for the opposite. Today, tap dancing doesn’t have the old sound, but the fun remains the same with dull but interesting sounds.

In terms of materials, the most favoured one is leather, which is used for the upper of the shoes, and also, for the soles for creating adjustments for the plates. Some of the designs come in plastic, as well. Soles of tap dancing are either split in two parts or are in complete. The split designs are made to offer better flexibility in the moves, which is why many of the professional dancers choose to opt for them. The size of the heels can differ, with some having 1 inch heels and others having a little over 2 inches.

Many people and aspiring dancers do make the shoes of their own by adding the metal plate, but nothing beats the high end branded tap shoes. Branded shoes are designed for the needs of dancers in mind, and therefore, the price you pay for the shoes is always justified. The prices of the shoes are much dependent on the material of which they are made, along with the brand. Some tap shoes in leather can be really expensive, but that’s what professionals need the most. Make sure that you wear a pair of shoes before you choose to buy them.

Some of the online stores do offer a good price for cheap tap shoes and have discounts on the branded ones. If you know the size and have purchased from a brand, it is most likely that you will find no added trouble in buying one. Start with a good pair to improve your skills, because the sound and your zest together make you a star.

Perfect Guide to Styling with Lace-Up Ankle Boots

Among the recent trends in the shoes for spring summer is the ankle boots, which have gone for a much needed makeover. Some designers used the ankle boots for spring dresses while others worked on the trend and made something new. If you haven’t got yourself a pair of laced up ankle boots, you are missing one of the best fashion items for the closet that comes straight from the runways. A pair of ankle boots is same as your ankle boot, only with the laces, which seems to be borrowed from the oxford shoes we have been wearing over the years. Here are some great ideas to dress with lace up boots, some of which is listed here.

Lace-Up Ankle Boots_Jeans

Wear it with the regular jeans: The lace up boot doesn’t need to be revamped, but it can be worn with something you wear every day, including a pair of denims. The only idea to look interesting here is to add a contrasting pair of boots. If you are wearing a pair of blue or black denims, add pair of high-on red pair of boots. Lace-up boots are cool style statements worth adopting, and wearing them casually makes the fun even more visible. Look for colours you will otherwise not pick in shoes and you are ready for the kill.

Lace-Up Ankle Boots_skirts

Pair boots with cool summer skirt or dress: The summer skirt that ends just above the knee is the perfect companion for the lace-up boots. The good thing about shorter skirts is the fact they don’t make your legs look smaller. As such, if you don’t like those boring pumps and flats all the time, adding a pair of ankle boots with the laces can be the right choice. Make sure that you have something in black, so that for every single skirt and dress you wear, the look remains classy and cool enough for the right mix.

Lace-Up Ankle Boots_Bomber Jacket

Couple with the bomber jacket: Another trend in clothing in spring summer 2014 is the coming of non-moto jacket, which seems to have taken the edge in many collections. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that works for the basic jacket for women, make sure you check for ankle boots with laces. Casual and totally in line with the needs of the summer and spring, lace-up boots work well as a part of the outfit when matched in colour and style with the jacket. Make sure that the match is good enough or else in contrast, because tried-but-unmatched colours can create quite confusion.

Lace-Up Ankle Boots_wide legged trousers

New addition for the work: For those who have invested in the formal look this season, mainly in wide legged pants, the perfect add-on is the lace-up boots. You can wear this new and fresh boot style with kitten heels easily for the office without looking awkward. Keep one of the collarless coats of the season handy, and you will find the formal meetings full of liking eyes. However, if you are buying ankle boots for work, stick to medium heels, and skip the wedges for sure.

Happy styling!

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Complete Guide to Wearing Pointy Toe Shoes!

If you have been following the spring summer 2014 trends, you must have come across the pointy toed design in collections of many designers. Cushnie et Ochs, J.Crew, Kate Spade, and Narciso Rodriguez have tried to make the most of the style with the right essential detailing, and the looks are far and wide. Now, as a fashionista, how do you pick and style with pointy toed designs? Here is a guide that will tell you what you should buy to get things right.

Narciso Rodriguez


Kate Spade

Pick the right colour: Check the spring collection from Narciso Rodriguez, and you will find the pointy toed shoes have gone for a change, and instead of the bright colours, it is all about black & white. Depending on the occasion, event and place, you can keep three to four colours in your closet, with black or white being a must. Then you have a choice between red and bright colours. Some designers like Kate Spade went for total bright, picking colours like bright red, sky blue and peach for the summers. The colour is more of a choice, but a bright shade for the casual days is a must.


Zac Posen

Choose for the right heels: The designs in pointy toes are often about heels. While some designers go all the way to get the pump style, there are others who love the kitten style and prefer to keep the pointy designs reserved for the mid length heels. Before you think of just one choice, it’s advisable that you take a look at all possible heel sizes. The kitten heel is a good choice for the office and formal wear, but pumps are more lady-like. If you check the collection for Blugirl for spring 2014, you will find the pointy toed design in companion of kitten heels for a chic look. On the other hand, Zac Posen designed some ladylike pumps with the same feel, and that was equally feminine, as well. While you will find flats with pointy toed design, but that is more of a rare vision.

Cushnie et Ochs


Small styling ideas that help: One of the best aspects of pointy toes is their ability to make your legs look longer, slimmer and slender than usual. As such, there is fixed attire for which you should reserve this style. Skirts, dresses, formal wear, skinny jeans, tea-length skirts, classy wide legged pants and formal suits are always the best choices, but you can even try the look with shorts and minis. Pointed shoes are often considered the taste of high fashion so the brand you pick is important. Keep in mind that pointed shoes can be discomforting if the fit and overall design is not in line with your leg size. Always opt for branded pointed toes, especially with the high heels because tripping off at a special event or walking with uneasiness is something you never want.

With the new spring collections, you can safely invest in a pair or two of pointy toed designs, but with colours and heels that are different from one another.

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How to Wear an Ankle Cuff Heels, Sandals and Flats?

If you seen the ankle strap and cuff all over the spring summer trends 2014, it is because the style is too hard to ignore. Quite obvious, this is not the first time that ankle cuffs heels and sandals have come to the forefront, but back in 2010 spring summer collections, there was quite some buzz on the same. Most women aren’t sure of the ankle cuff design as they are about the ankle strap one, mainly because the cuff is quite bold. One needs to pull off the style with confidence and right mix of outfit and accessories. Here is a close take on how you can wear this newly revamped style with ease.

Ankle Cuff

Image Credit: http://www.glamour.com/fashion

Opt for shorter hemlines: Ankle cuff sandals and heels have the unique element of style that tends to make you look shorter. Since the ankle and the length of the heels don’t accentuate the legs, it makes sense to opt for shorter hemlines in skirts and shorts. While you can do with miniskirts and dresses, you can also take a try on high waist pants and skirts, which often look cool enough on the shorter side. For high waist skirts and pants, make sure that you add a cropped top for that essential summer feel.

Opt for heels: Unless you are comfortable with the flat style ankle cuffs, it’s better to go for the heels. For spring summer 2014, some designers have used the ankle cuff with chunky or block heels, while some brands have chosen the regular pencil heel for maintaining the style and feminineness. Sandals, on the other hand, can be good enough, provided you opt for the kitten heels. Depending on the design and size of the cuff, you can even wear these shoes to the office, so make the choice wisely.

Opt for the right colours: If you are on the short side, there is always the chance that the ankle cuff will not flatter the short legs. The idea can be to match the colour of the shoes with the colour of the pants, so that the sudden cut around the ankle can be avoided. Make sure that the colour matches rightly, or else, the tackiness will be visible all around. However, tall or medium heighted women have no such issues, so the colour pop can be a good idea, especially for the spring and summer. Keep in mind that most designers recommend colours for the falls and winters too, and the ankle cuff is even available for boots, so the choices are quite varied.

Small tips to know: For buying a pair of high heeled boots with the ankle cuff, make sure that you opt for a bright colour or a good print. This can be anything from the regular leopard print or a bright red pair of boots. Also, when you are wearing heels, don’t go for extreme length of heel because the actual beauty of the ankle cuff is marred to considerable extent. Four inches heels look just find with the bold cuff around the ankle.

Happy styling!

Styling with Platform Heels- A Must Have for the Summers

Platform heels are great fun because they do the trick that most stilettos do, but only with little discomfort and pain. The good thing about platforms is their evergreen appeal, which simply means that platforms will come back on the runways and find a place in the stores time and again. Most women love platforms, and it is likely that you own a pair. Here are some great tips that will help you with platform heels and making the best of this unique but cool style of shoes.


Image Credit: www.glamour.com

  • Platform and wedges are different: Blame it to the overall design or appeal, many women do confuse platforms with wedges. Wedges are basically platforms, but platforms are not essentially wedges. Ideally, platforms don’t just add height to the heels, but also to the toes. So, you might find a pair that is as high around the toes and overall feet as in the heels. With wedges, the space between the heel and sole is filled in completely, and it might have nothing to do with the toes. Wedges may or may not have a thick sole, which is not the case with platforms, which have a strong thick sole.
  • Platforms for comfort: Platforms are a comforting option as compared to high street stilettos. Obviously, you cannot just replace the stilettos of your closet completely for platforms because high pencil heels make a statement of their own. As for platforms, the style is essentially about comfort. There is no denying that like most heels, platforms do have their demerits, but if you need to walk for long or need to ensure that foot pain is exaggerated, platform heels are evidently a better and popular choice.
  • Platforms with colors: Most women love platform in colors because the heels lets you experiment with the same. High heeled platforms in one or an array of summer colors can be just right for the parties and summer dresses. It’s worthy to mention that there is a notion that platform isn’t meant for the office, which is not always true. There are different designs and colors in platforms, and it is much dependent on the shape of the heels and shoes as whether you can wear a pair to work. Platforms in beige, white or black work well with the office attire and look perfect enough for skirts, trousers and tailored suits alike.
  • Platforms and height: Platform heels work better for women who are dealing with a height issue. If you are short and on the plus side, platforms are just right for you. There is an option to go for extreme high heels, and you can increase the height by three to four inches. For plus size women, managing to walk well in high stilettos is a matter of balancing the weight, which can be avoided with platform heels.

Platform heels can be expensive when picked from the best brands, but are more likely to last much longer in the closet, even if you walk wrong. Take your pick!

How To Style With Chunky Heels: Your Style Guide In Detail!

In the last few fashion seasons, chunk heels, or as many call them as cube or block heels, have been seen in many collections and across all weather. Before we go in the style aspect, it’s good to mention that chunky heel is basically the heel that’s in between the wedges and stilettos. You don’t wear a wedge to increase the comfort nor these heels are too high to feel the pain like that of stilettos.

Chunky Heels

Image Credit: www.glamour.com

Last season, which is the fall 2014, many designers did experiment and added the chunk heel to different styles of conventional shoes while for spring summer, the choices are equally different and bright. Here are some good ideas to get and buy chunk heels and make the most of the style, because from where it is now, this new style is not going anywhere.

  • Opt for the office: If you are tired of the kitten heels and don’t want to repeat stilettos for five days of the week, the chunk heel can well be an option. For ladies, who need to move around for the most part of their work life, they need a more comfortable option, which these heels offer. Since you cannot wear wedges to the office, chunk heels ensure you don’t lose your mind and comfort while walking around. For work, the block heel can be used in different styles, starting from pumps to regular pointed toes.
  • The tough ankle cuff: In many of our posts on spring summer 2014, we have talked of the different options in ankle strap. The ankle cuff is just a step forward and looks lovely when you pick for the summers. While this is certainly not among the feminine option, but the block heel and ankle cuff make for a deadly combination for the moto-biker style look. Whether you are heading for the next party or need to find something for the Sunday brunch in the casual style, this is much worthy of attention.
  • Wear with denims and dresses: Many women who don’t like to go soft on style want shoes to be more like a bold style statement, and the chunk heel does just that. Whether you choose to pair these shoes with dresses or regular denims, the choice looks pretty enough to be loved. Make sure that you opt for the right colour, which has been described in the next idea below.
  • An array of colours: Chunk heels work in black and basic shades as much as these heels work in colour. Some of the chunk heels can be really of good height and in posh bright colours, making them ideal for the summer dresses and spring attire. If you opt for black, make sure that you choose more bold styles, including ankle boots that have been great on and off the runways. Printed patterns aren’t a bad idea, but the one or two coloured options certainly look better.

Start your shopping right now because these shoes are sure to make a round in the next season!

The Best Summer Shoes to Pick for Every Year in Mind!

Some of the summer shoes are always good to be worn everywhere, and that’s the reason, you don’t always need to look for trends and runway reports. Here is a fun list of the right shoes that you must own as a fashionista for every summer to come. Make sure you don’t resist the love for picking one of these classy shoes.


Stilettos for the lovely dresses: Come summers, and you have the most stunning range of dresses to wear. Starting from the flowing pink and yellow summer garments to the sophisticated designs for the night, there are choices with which you need to pick the perfect pair of stilettos. When it comes to stilettos, don’t go by the fashion rules, unless you have a huge collection of regular stilettos to choose from, but the choices should be more on the classic lines. A pair of high stilettos in the right colour can get any man on the knees for sure.


Wedges in the strappy style: One of the best trends of the season and certainly the summer essentials are those summer sandals in wedge style. Perfect for the diva who wants to enjoy comfort and style at the same time, the summer wedges are more about pops of colours and thick straps that look more like the cut-out sandal. You don’t need to go by the rules at the end of the day, but sometimes a pair of block pink wedges for a light coloured dress works just fine. In fact, contrast is the key for most fashionistas these days.

Ankle Strap

The much coveted ankle strap design: Well, this is something that comes straight from the book of fashion experts and current trends. The new age strap around the ankle is the next fashion statement and has been seen in most of the fashion shows for the summer and spring 2014. While some of the designers have worked on the ankle cuff, others have actually liked the small and ladylike style strap that works as the necklace for the ankle. If you are someone who loves feminine style, this is the right style of summer shoes to keep for years to come.


The basic pair of peep-toe flats: The peep-toe flats are among the best choices for the lady who walks a lot in the sun. While you don’t want to look like a schoolgirl with those closed pumps, you don’t want an unnecessary tan either! The clear idea is to opt for peep-toe flats, which comes easy to the feet and lets you walk for the longest time. The only thing that needs attention is the quality of the flats because many women don’t realize that flats cause more pain than heels. Therefore, only stick to known brands for flat peep-toe sandals.

From the high heels to the wedges and more, there is something for the scorching summers for every girl. Just the only thing you need is a fashion sense, because what to wear with what is a matter of taste and knowledge of fashion.

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What are the Best Choices in Shoes for Prom Nights?

Prom nights are special because you are made to feel like that way. While you may have spent a week checking for the prom dresses that may be right for the occasion and theme in mind, it’s equally important to look for apt shoes for the event. Here are some very cool prom shoe styles that you may desire and want to try.

Lace Shoes

Lady like lace: Perfectly lady like, lace is one material that works perfectly for the summer prom nights. While white and black lace designs have a charm of their own, there are other colours that you can try for a matched look. The skin coloured lace shoes can be enticing too!


Neon accented: If you really like to find the right way to get attention, a pair of shoes with neon accents can be just right. Keep in mind that the neon accent should come naturally to the design, or else, you may just end up looking like wannabe for everyone to mock at!


Floral yet subtle: Soft like lily or extremely graphic according to the current season, floral print and design shoes have a beauty of their own and you can pick the colour and style that matches well. For floral print, the perfect coordination of colours is important because when prints and colours clash, the sight isn’t very pretty.

High Heel Metallic

High heel metallic: The perfect diva at a prom party knows how to get in style! Yes, high stylish and posh, the metallic look in shoes is something you must be looking for. Opt for the shiny ones keeping the occasion and dress in mind. Start with gold and silver accents or just take the unique route of rose gold or bronze, there are plenty of choices. The only thing that’s a must is the high heel, because that adds the height worthy to be looked at.

Colour Block

Colour block designs: When you are not a fan of the glitter and neon club, opt for the colour block option in shoes that are quite good when you can match them with the dress. Look for the exact match, and if nothing suits the look, pick for contrasting one.

Stone Work

More of stone work: Designed of rhinestones and other semi precious stones, there are prom night shoes that can cost you a whopping price! Yes, prom night shoes from designer labels can be desirable and worthy of being matched with the dress that’s you have paid for. Just ensure the mix is right!


Cut out designs: Now these are favourites when you don’t want glitter, stones or colour. The cut out shoes look best when in a single colour, and there are some great lady like designs to find in the market. Most cut out shoes are easy to wear, but what needs attention is the fit because loose fitting cut-out designs can be a total mess.

Pick the right pair of prom night shoes, and you and your partner can be the centre of attention without much trying!

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